MTV Movie Awards: Ellen Page In 'Inception' And Ryan Reynolds In 'Buried' Freak Out For Best Scared-As-S**t Performance

Everybody gets scared sometimes. But not everybody gets scared as s*** and lives to tell the tale. In the case of many of these MTV Movie Awards nominees, however, they'll not only live, but they'll achieve MTV immortality by walking away from this year's show with the Best Scared As S**t Performance award!

Who gave us the most fearful performance of the year, though? It's a tough question to answer, but the choice is yours, as always. Read on for a full list of the Best Scared As S**t Performance nominees, then cast your vote for the winner today!

Ellen Page, "Inception"

It's one thing to make a whole new world with only your mind. It's another thing to survive that world. In "Inception," Ellen Page learned the hard way that sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares — and nightmares can turn into reality.

Ryan Reynolds, "Buried"

If only Ryan Reynolds was able to pull the old "Kill Bill" trick to punch himself out of being buried alive, he might not have been nominated in this category. Sadly for his character—though awesome for the actor and his fans—Reynolds remained six feet under in a closed casket throughout the duration of "Buried," one of the most chilling movies of the year.

Minka Kelly, "The Roommate"

Remember that scary roommate we told you all about the other day? Meet her roommate, the considerably less psychotic and infinitely more frightened Minka Kelly. Getting through that experience wasn't easy, to say the least, but hey, maybe she'll win an award for it!

Jessica Szohr, "Piranha 3D"

A beautiful woman surrounded by flesh-eating piranhas. Yeah, we'd be scared s**tless too.

Ashley Bell, "The Last Exorcism"

You don't believe in ghosts, eh? Maybe you haven't walked a mile in Ashley Bell's shoes, then. The actress turned in a haunting and haunted performance in "The Last Exorcism," one that's truly worthy of the Best Scares As S**t Performance award.

Cast your vote for BEST SCARED AS S**T PERFORMANCE at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards right now!