MTV Movie Awards Host Jason Sudeikis Explain 'Twilight' By Way Of 'Star Wars,' Hilarity Ensues

If you had any doubts that this year's Movie Awards were going to be anything other than awesome, allow host Jason Sudeikis to put those fears to bed with one of the funniest "Twilight" explanations I've ever seen.

As far as I'm concerned, Sudeikis sold himself 100% during his appearance at last night's Sneak Peek Week presentation of "Horrible Bosses," his new comedy co-starring Jason Bateman. The topic of "Twilight" came up, as it inevitably does around this time of year, and Bateman confessed that he wasn't too familiar with the supernatural romance saga. Thankfully, Sudeikis was around to explain the series in a beautifully simple, astonishingly spot-on and wildly hilarious analogy: "Twilight" is just like "Star Wars."

"Bella is the character that Kristen Stewart plays," he began. "Edward is this really handsome vampire kid played by Robert Pattinson, or as I like to call him, Rob. And they smooch. And it's up for an award."

"But here's the thing, buddy: she also has this other fella hanging around. Classic love triangle," he continued, then got to the really good stuff: "Remember when you were a kid and you were wondering whether Leia was going to pick Luke or Han? Then George Lucas was like, 'No, no, no—that's her brother! That's her brother!'"

So, what happens when Bella finds out that Jacob is her "brother" of sorts? Sudeikis has an answer for that one, too, but it's better to view the NSFW punch line for yourself.

Yeah, Jason. You've got this in the bag.

Stay tuned all week long for more from MTV Sneak Peek Week!