Jason Sudeikis And Jason Bateman Hate (But Secretly Love) Their On-Screen 'Horrible Bosses'

There isn't much hedging about the fact that "Horrible Bosses" has its fair share of horrible bosses, but when MTV News chatted with two of the film's three leading men, we couldn't resist asking if they found anything redeeming about their onscreen higher-ups.

The overwhelming response: no. But Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis seemed to think that Jennifer Aniston had the best shot of being a generally good person. "If Charlie [Day] wasn’t such a bitch," that is.

"That's the funny thing, he'd be like, 'Well what's so wrong with the character that like loves his fiancé and doesn't want to sleep with his boss?'" Sudeikis teased in a hilariously accurate Day impression. "But he's right. He's just so nuts about his lady, that's why having Jennifer Aniston, or a version of, hitting on him seems awful."

But in all seriousness, Sudeikis felt that it was the other two bad bosses in the film that were the worst to their underlings. "I would probably say [Kevin] Spacey, as long as our small world is concerned, and Colin [Farrell] for the big picture, because he's screwing with a lot more peoples' lives. It's all argued in the movie."

Since both Bateman and Sudeikis have held positions of power at one point or another in their lives, MTV asked them if they've abused their power or treated their employees well.

"The few times I've been in a position where people have to listen to what I say, which is not very often, I enjoy trying to let people know where we’re going, what the plan is, and it’s going to be great when we get there, I'll get you there, follow me," Bateman said. "But if somebody is not bringing it, I've got a tough time being hard on people. I love hiring people, but I cannot fire people. That's tough."

Sudeikis wasn't as certain about his skills. "I'd like to think I do alright. I'm a better point guard than a boss. I don't know if I'm like leadership… that's a doozy," he said. "Probably not as strong as I'd like to be."

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