'Fright Night' Star Anton Yelchin Brings An 'Every Day' Quality To The Horror Comedy Remake

by Stefan Doyno

He was a self-appointed psychologist in "Charlie Bartlett," Chekov in "Star Trek," appeared opposite Arnold (er, sort of) in "Terminator Salvation" and now he's kicking vampire ass in "Fright Night."

True enough, Anton Yelchin has played a wide range of roles, but what makes him special enough to play the new Charley Brewster in the upcoming "Fright Night" remake? MTV News sat down with Yelchin's co-star Christopher Mintz-Plasse and director Craig Gillespie at MTV Sneak Peek Week to figure that question out.

"Charley is this every day guy, and he's gone through this journey of being sort of on the outside and now finally making it into the inside, and I think Anton can walk that line," Gillespie told MTV News. "You feel like he could have been on the outside and not be comfortable around people, and then he can be quite comfortable."

Gillespie added that Yelchin was one of the first actors to sign on to the film. "He came up very early in the process," he said. "Literally three days after I got the movie I met with him and he jumped on board. It was great, I felt very lucky to have that sort of 'every day' guy that could just ground this whole film."

Beyond "Fright Night," you'll be able to catch Yelchin's voice in the upcoming "Smurfs" movie, and if rumors are true about the next "Star Trek" sequel, then there's a stellar possibility you'll see him there too, release date changes and all.

Stay tuned all week long for more from MTV Sneak Peek Week!

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