'Fright Night': Lisa Loeb Is Christopher Mintz-Plasse's On-Screen Mom

by Stefan Doyno

We here at MTV Movies Blog love a surprise. And we were plenty surprised to find out last night at the MTV Sneak Peek Week premiere of "Fright Night" that co-star Christopher Mintz-Plasse has a major musician for a mother.

MTV News caught up with Mintz-Plasse and director Craig Gillespie last night in Los Angeles as part of MTV Sneak Peak Week, and the two spoke a bit about the surprise casting of "Stay" singer Lisa Loeb as "Evil" Ed Thompson's momma.

"My casting agent suggested her," said Gillespie. "I just thought it was a great idea, and they just seemed to work well together."

We'll know for sure just how well they worked together when "Fright Night" hits theaters this August, but for now, Mintz-Plasse himself seems excited enough to have the Maryland-born and Texas-raised artist playing his mom. He first revealed the casting in November during a Twitter exchange with New Found Glory musician Chad Gilbert.

"Lisa Loeb definitely played my mom in my upcoming project Fright Night," he wrote on Twitter. "My mom is hitting on you?!"

Though she isn't best known for her work on the big-screen, "Fright Night" isn't Loeb's first time making a movie appearance, nor is it her first flirtation with the horror genre. She had a brief but memorable role to play in the 1999 remake of "House on Haunted Hill" opposite Geoffrey Rush and Taye Diggs, and starred opposite Thomas Haden Church in 2004's "Serial Killing 4 Dummies."

Now, back in the thick of the shock scene once more, Loeb's going to be sinking her teeth into something that also has no small amount of laughter as "Fright Night," despite its R-rating, promises an excellent fusion of both the horror and comedy genres. With that in mind — not to mention that Mintz-Plasse is playing an eventual blood-sucker himself — we're more than intrigued by the possibilities that a mother-son relationship between Loeb and the erstwhile McLovin has to offer.

Stay tuned all week long for more from MTV Sneak Peek Week!

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