'Fright Night' Earned Its R-Rating With Lots Of Blood And Bad Language, Says Christopher Mintz-Plasse

If you had any doubts that "Fright Night" was going to pull its punches — or, in the case of a vampire movie, hide its fangs — then the film's recently earned R-rating should put all of those fears to rest.

Director Craig Gillespie and actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse joined MTV News last evening (May 30) for a special screening of "Fright Night" as part of MTV Sneak Peek Week — and as those who were lucky enough to attend the screening are already well-aware, "Fright Night" isn't shying away from the blood and bad language.

"There were a lot of 'f***s' in there," joked Mintz-Plasse, who teased that his co-star (and fan-favorite "Doctor Who" veteran) David Tennant had the filthiest mouth of them all. "Tennant was swearing like crazy!"

F-bombs and other assorted forms of bad language already existed in the "Fright Night" script, but the man formerly known as McLovin revealed that he spiced things up to a whole new level.

"Every 'f***' I said was improvised," he said. "I had the script supervisor going, 'You know, you don't really need to say that.' And Craig was going, 'Yeah, he needs to go for it!'"

For his part, Gillespie said that it was thoroughly liberating to shoot a hard-R vampire flick like "Fright Night" without having to water things down for a PG-13 rating, as so many films tend to do in this day and age.

"From the get go, DreamWorks said, 'Let's not hold back and let's really do this,'" said the filmmaker. "When you're dealing with vampires and blood and stuff, it's hard to not be R-rated. There's a lot of gore going on."

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