'Fright Night' Exclusive Clip: Colin Farrell Gives Anton Yelchin A Violent Warning [MTV SNEAK PEEK WEEK]

Forget the dreamy vampires with their sparkly skin and their blood-free teeth — the real fanged menace is coming your way in August, though if you're sticking with MTV News throughout our Sneak Peek Week leading up to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, you'll get a taste of what's to come a few weeks early.

MTV Sneak Peek Week kicks off tonight (May 30) with an exclusive first look at "Fright Night," the upcoming remake of the vampire horror comedy that promises to transform your romantic view on vampires into something considerably more fearsome.

To get things started, we have an exclusive clip from "Fright Night," featuring bad boy Colin Farrell giving a reality check to leading man Anton Yelchin.

In "Fright Night," Anton Yelchin stars as Charley Brewster, a high school student living with his single mother Jane (Toni Collette) when a mysterious stranger named Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell) moves in next door. Immediately suspicious of Jerry, Charley's concerns grow into outright fear when he and his best friend (and fellow social outcast) "Evil" Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) discover that the new neighbor is secretly a blood sucking vampire. In light of this revelation, tensions between Charley and Jerry boil over into a deadly game of bat and mouse as the pair's domestic dispute escalates into something considerably more dangerous. Imogen Poots and David Tennant also star in the Craig Gillespie-directed horror remake.

Are you excited to see the "Fright Night" remake? What do you think of our exclusive new clip from the movie? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter, and make sure to stay with us all week long as Sneak Peek Week continues!