MTV Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week Starts Monday With 'Fright Night,' And We Want Your Questions!

Fright NightAlthough there is still a little over a week until our beloved MTV Movie Awards decend upon the masses, broadcasting live from the Gibson Ampitheater Sunday June 5, the crafty powers that be here at MTV News are proud to present a week of special screenings designed to keep building the excitement for our annual, unpredictable and always-entertaining event.

Beginning Monday May 30, MTV kicks off Sneak Peek Week with "Fright Night," the highly anticipated Craig Gillespie-helmed retelling of the 1985 horror-comedy classic. The film stars Colin Farrell as a bloodthirsty vampire who heads to suburbia and terrorizes his next-door neighbor Charlie, played by "Star Trek" veteran Anton Yelchin. Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays vampire convert "Evil" Ed Thompson, "Harry Potter" alum and former "Doctor Who" David Tennant is vamp-hunting actor Peter Vincent, and "Solitary Man" breakout Imogen Poots portrays love interest Amy, with Toni Collette and Dave Franco also popping up.

On Monday night at 11 p.m. ET, we'll welcome Mintz-Plasse onto MTV to present an exclusive clip on-air. The conversation will continue online, as our own Josh Horowitz hosts an extended chat with Mintz-Plasse, where we will be asking questions submitted by our readers and viewers; just tweet at @MTVNews using the hashtag #SPW.

Mintz-Plasse and "Fright Night" are just the beginning. Tuesday's screening is "The Art of Getting By," followed by a Q & A with stars Emma Roberts, Elizabeth Reaser, Michael Angarano and director Gavin Wiesen. Wednesday night we'll screen "Horrible Bosses," with Jason Bateman and director Seth Gordon. Thursday night is "The Help," with Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard and Friday is "30 Minutes or Less" with Aziz Ansari, Michael Pena and Ruben Fleischer.