'Hangover Part II' Director Todd Phillips Is 'Willing To Do' Another 'Hangover' Sequel

No lessons were learned the first time around in the Las Vegas-based "Hangover," and so the wolf pack is back for more antics and debauchery in "The Hangover Part II." Given the excitement around the Thailand-set flick, opening this Memorial Day weekend, is there any chance that Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis could be back for even more good times in another "Hangover" sequel?

We put that very question to director Todd Phillips, who has previously expressed his interest in another "Hangover," when we caught up with him at the New York City premiere of his latest comedy. And according to the filmmaker, he's definitely not closed off for one last shot.

"We've joked about a 'Hangover 3,' but no we haven’t made any decision," he said. "That wouldn’t be made for another few months until we saw you know how the audience responded and reacted. I'd be willing to do it just because I love these guys but that’s something that’s way off."

Well, given how well the movie is performing so far, it certainly seems that the demand is there. So let's say we time travel to the "way off" and production has been green lit on another "Hangover" film... where might Todd like to take the aforementioned wolf pack for more clowning around? Vegas and Bangkok are already off the list as contenders, after all.

"I don’t know; I haven’t really thought about it like that," he explained. "I'm thinking more like we're looking for places and then being wooed by the cities like the Olympic committee. I'm thinking about trying that I'm accepting proposals now from different cities."

Well, if he's looking for suggestions, we have a few...

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