'Hangover Part II' Huge At The Box Office, Directors Leave 'Uncharted' And 'Akira' In Today's Dailies

The HangoverWho knew that hangovers could pay so well?

"The Hangover Part II," already on track to earn upwards of $120 million over the five-day Memorial Day weekend holiday, has already made quite the chunk of change: THR reports that the "Hangover" sequel has already earned $10.4 million from midnight showings in roughly 2,600 theaters. Not a bad start for the wolf pack!

Check out the rest of today's news past the jump, including a pair of director departures and some comments on "Super 8" from J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg!

David O. Russell Quits "Uncharted"

"The Fighter" director David O. Russell is stepping out of the ring on "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune," his developing adaptation of the fan-favorite video game franchise. Deadline reports the news but has no reason for his departure. No word on how this affects the casting of Mark Wahlberg, who was previously set to play the lead role.

Albert Hughes Quits "Akira"

Another high-profile director steps away from a different high-profile project, as Splash Page reports that Albert Hughes is no longer directing "Akira." This marks yet another setback for the manga adaptation, which just recently failed to acquire Keanu Reeves for the lead role of Kaneda.

Abrams and Spielbeg Talk "Super 8"

J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg pulled the curtain back considerably on their upcoming summer movie "Super 8" in a new video interview with Empire. It's 13 minutes of pure cinephile goodness—watch it for yourself below.

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