New 'Muppets' Teaser Parodies 'The Hangover Part II'

The Fuzzy Pack is most certainly backy-back.

The first official trailer for "The Muppets" landed earlier this week and took many of us off guard with its strong emphasis on human leads Jason Segel and Amy Adams. Indeed, under the guise of "Green with Envy," you would have been forgiven for not realizing this was a trailer for "The Muppets" at all — until Kermit and the gang shows up towards the end, that is.

Now, another new "Muppets" trailer has arrived, and just like last time, it looks like disorientation is the name of the game — or, more precisely, Disney is looking to give you a massive "Hangover."

The new teaser, which just premiered at Yahoo Movies, is a blatant riff on the first teaser trailer for "The Hangover Part II," which hits theaters nationwide today. Just like that teaser, this latest "Muppets" trailer opens with praise from the critics... only this time, the praise isn't real. Some examples:

"The 'Xanadu' of family entertainment"

Being Green Magazine

"Absolutely hilarious. Sometimes on purpose"

Waste of Time Magazine

"I had no idea what they were talking about"

The Hollywood Resnorter

"What's up with the pig and frog?"

Swine and Dine Weekly

What's up with the pig and frog, you ask? I'll tell you what's up—they're busy being awesome, hilarious, and awesomely hilarious. You'll see it for yourself when "The Muppets" breaks back onto the big screen this November.

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