Anthony Mackie Isn't Sure About Those 'World War Z' And 'Gangster Squad' Rumors

After diffusing bombs alongside Jeremy Renner in "The Hurt Locker" and helping Hugh Jackman with boxing robots in next year's "Real Steel," rising star Anthony Mackie is getting back into the action with the currently shooting "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." But the historical vampire fiction adaptation won't be the last time Mackie gets his hands bloody, if rumors are to be believed.

Mackie's name has been mentioned in connection with two promising projects — "World War Z," a post-apocalyptic zombie tale starring Brad Pitt, and "Gangster Squad," the Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin-starring 1940s gangster flick set up at Warner Bros. But when MTV News spoke with Mackie on the set of "Abraham Lincoln" last month, the actor kept his lips sealed on whether or not he's actually involved in either project.

"I don't know man," the cagey Mackie told MTV when asked about "World War Z," adding with a laugh, "I will work for food."

"People talk," he added, "And you never know what's speculation and what's real."

Consider that neither confirmation or denial, then, though we (and, one might suspect, Mackie himself) would love to see the "Hurt Locker" badass teaming up with Pitt for some zombie-killing action.

But what about "Gangster Squad"? Once again, Mackie wouldn't weigh in on the rumors one way or the other, except to say that he would absolutely love to star alongside the "crazy cast" of that film.

"['Gangster Squad' has a] crazy cast I wish I could be a part of," he told us, speaking of the impressive lineup that includes Gosling, Brolin and Oscar winner Sean Penn. "I would love to do that movie. If [Warner Bros. wants] me, [they] could have me for 'Gangster Squad.'"

Warner Bros., we want you to want Mackie. But there's still time to ponder all of these casting decisions, of course, with "Gangster Squad" scheduled to hit theaters in 2013 and "World War Z" landing in 2014.

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