'Hangover Part II': Ken Jeong Explains The Enigma Of Mr. Chow

Ken Jeong, thank you for existing. Not only have you given us countless quips and one-liners over the course of "Knocked Up," "Community" and more, you've given us the most important gift of all — and his name is Mr. Chow.

The MTV Movie Awards winner reprises his most iconic role in this weekend's "The Hangover Part II," and to hear him tell it, he couldn't be more excited. Watch the video above and click past the jump to find out Jeong's thoughts on the psyche of Mr. Chow, the oft-naked gangster standing in the wolf-pack's path time and time again.

Chow Loves Chaos

Those are the three words that Jeong lives by in playing his famous "Hangover" character. Jeong explains that more than power, money or sex, Mr. Chow is motivated by pure chaos — something that's in large supply in both the Las Vegas and Thailand-based adventures of our three best friends that anybody could have.

And as the comedian cryptically hinted to MTV News: "I think I really explore that more in the second movie than even in the first one."

A Fresh Approach

It's hard to imagine anyone playing Mr. Chow other than Ken Jeong, but according to the actor, he was a far cry from what Todd Phillips initially had in mind for the character.

"I give all the credit to Todd Phillips," he explained. "The character initially was conceived to be a little bit older and so I was really surprised that, pleasantly surprised that I was booked for the job, thinking that maybe I wouldn’t be right for it. He really just let me put my own stamp on it in every which way. He just really let me form the character and I just committed to the nines."

Research, Research, Research

Once he was given the opportunity to craft Mr. Chow to his specifications, Jeong went all out, creating an elaborate back-story for the character that explained every single decision he made over the course of "The Hangover."

"A lot of people don’t realize but you know, even though it's a comedy we still do our homework," he said. "I had a back story in the first movie, I had all these things going on and why I'm so mad at the guys and maybe why I'm naked in the trunk. It's just, you have to think of these things actually to make it pop on the screen."

Two Hangovers Are Better Than One

Now, with one "Hangover" already under their belts, the cast and crew of the sequel already had all the tools in place to create a second successful story — in fact, according to Jeong, this latest "Hangover" is even funnier than the first.

"A lot of the hard work was done in the first movie," said Jeong. "The writers just made a funnier script than the first one and they really just took it to the next level so it was actually this time around a bit easier because we had already laid the groundwork for the first characters. In a way it was just more fun and enjoyable and I could just experiment and just do little things that you know, we could see if it worked or not."

The Peak of Craziness

After two feature films and the opportunity to explore and create this wholly unusual character, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to hear that Mr. Chow is Jeong's favorite role to date.

"Chow is the most complicated, insane, funniest character I've ever played," said the actor, and he has one more very important reason why: "It gave me a career."

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