MTV Movie Awards Meme Spoofs: Best Movie Nominees Get Parodied!

Movie AwardsThe 2011 MTV Movie Awards are just around the corner, but before you cast your vote for Best Movie, how about looking at each nominee through a slightly different lens?

MTV News has teamed up with Starbucks Frappucino ® for the MTV Movie Awards Meme Mash-Ups, where we'll be spoofing each of this year's Best Movie nominees by way of the internet's most beloved and most notorious viral clips, from Talking Twin Babies to David After the Dentist. Every day, you'll vote on which movie spoof you want to see next, with the first video coming your way on Monday (May 30).

So, which spoof do you want to see first? Click past the jump for more details on each spoof, then cast your vote and make your voice heard!

"Black Swan"

Poor Nina Sayers. Sure, the gifted ballerina may have won the coveted lead role in "Swan Lake," but she lost her sanity in the process. If only she'd followed Rebecca's lead and practiced exclusively on Fridays, Nina would have had so much more fun, fun, fun, fun, as you'll see in this spoof.

"Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part 1"

What do Harry Potter and Charlie Sheen have in common? Not a lot on the surface, but look deeper: one has tiger-blood coursing through his veins, the other speaks parseltongue; one is bi-winning, the other is bi-wizarding. Vote for this spoof and you'll see what we mean.


Waking up from dreams isn't always easy. Sometimes, an alarm clock and the smell of fresh coffee won't do the trick. Sometimes, you need to hide ya kids, hide ya wife and hire an "Inception" specialist to bail you out of your nightmares—which is where this spoof comes in handy!

"The Social Network"

Some how, some way, "The Social Network" managed to make us actually feel bad for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, despite his super-cool billion dollar price tag. Maybe if we'd seen how much of a baby Mark was after a recent trip to the dentist, we would've felt a little bit differently. Watch the young genius' childish antics in this spoof.

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"

For all of their supernatural powers and their manly features, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black sure know how to whine like kids. They fight over Bella Swan as passionately and immaturely as a pair of talking twin babies cry over a missing rattle. In this "Eclipse" spoof, Mama Bella puts her foot down and sets these kids straight.

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