'Drive Angry' Director And Writer On The DVD/Blu-Ray Release And Sequel Possibilities

Rev your engines, because "Drive Angry" is headed to a video store near you today, and there's nothing you can do to stop it — so it's best to just strap in and enjoy one hell of an awesome ride.

MTV News spoke with director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer in a recent phone conversation about today's release. For those of you who need a quick recap, "Drive Angry" followed Nicolas Cage as a man who escaped from hell to save the life of his murdered daughter's child, and the badass lady, played by Amber Heard, who becomes his trusty sidekick. The film arrives on DVD, Blu-Ray and 3D Blu-Ray today, so all your home video options are covered.

After the jump, find out about the special features on the "Drive Angry" release, the chances of a "Drive Angry" sequel, and much more!

MTV NEWS: Were there any scenes that had too much driving or too much anger to be featured in the theatrical cut that we'll see in deleted scenes?

PATRICK LUSSIER: There's a couple of deleted scenes. One, that is very brief, is sort of an argument between Todd and Amber that comes just before Amber and Todd are having a fist fight out in the parking lot. The other one is a scene that scene with Bill Fichtner. It's sort of a cool, sexy little scene that was the only scene we cut out with Bill. But it's a really fun scene, it's great to include it in the DVD.

MTV NEWS: What other behind-the-scenes features are going to be included in the DVD?

LUSSIER: I think there are a couple of making-of and then Summit has done this wonderful sort of interactive full-access "Drive Angry" that has all the interviews with Todd and myself and Bill Fichtner and Amber and Billy Burke and even having some different members of the crew and the cast. Throughout the key points in the film, these come up, and it also has this incredible almost sort of game show-like Mayhem Meter of all the people that Nic's character kills throughout the film. I've never seen anything like it, it's really cool and very well done.

MTV NEWS: You guys have mastered the fun, gory, bloody popcorn flick between this and "My Bloody Valentine." Do you have any sort of behind-the-scenes features on how you specifically go about making that sort of 3D flick?

TODD FARMER: We talk about it on the commentary.

LUSSIER: Yeah, we talk about it a lot on the commentary.

MTV NEWS: What about any chances of a sequel?

LUSSIER: It could happen, depending on how well the DVD and the Blu-Ray do. We've certainly got a story in mind that would be fun.

MTV NEWS: Can you tease that to me at all?

LUSSIER: Can we tease it? Nobody lives in the next one.

MTV NEWS: Not even Amber Heard? Not even the baby?

FARMER: No, no no no, we're going to be ruthless in the next one.

MTV NEWS: Do you two think that there's ever going to be a chance that you guys team up on a romantic comedy or an intense drama, or is it always going to be these fun, gory, horror/thriller/action movies?

LUSSIER: [Laughs] I think we'd team up on any variety of movies. We have, uhh [clearing throat], yeah, no I can't even pull that off.

FARMER:: We will never do a romantic comedy, but we might do the other genres. Who knows, there might be a movie that has a romantic comedy in it.

LUSSIER: There were moments in "Drive Angry" that were both romantic and comedic, if you like f***ing and killing all at the same time.

MTV NEWS: So there's never going to be a "My Big Fat Greek Bloody Valentine" or something like that?

LUSSIER: Well, you know, you should start writing that draft right now, we're in!

FARMER: If you're going to write that, I want full-frontal this time. [Laughs]

"Drive Angry" hits DVD, Blu-Ray and 3D Blu-Ray today. Share your thoughts about the flick in the comments section below or on Twitter!