'Halloween 3' Is Still On The Horizon, Say Director Patrick Lussier And Writer Todd Farmer

HalloweenWith "Drive Angry" due out on DVD and Blu-Ray Tuesday and "Hellraiser" as the next project on their list, it looks like fans waiting to see director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer's take on the "Halloween" franchise will have to wait a couple more years. But when MTV News caught up with the directing/writing duo to talk the "Drive Angry" DVD release, they said that their planned "Halloween 3" is definitely still on their radar.

Farmer has completed the script already and they are in talks with the Weinstein company to make the movie, but Lussier said the time just hasn't been right to bring the film to production yet.

"We would love it to go through," Lussier said. "We would make that the second somebody said, 'Yes, go make it,' because it's a script that we love and a script we're really passionate about and it's an amazing character and an incredible franchise, and it would just be a great experience for us to go back to the roots."

Initially, Lussier and Farmer were planning on making "Halloween 3" before they started prep on "Drive Angry," but they quickly realized that there wouldn't be any time to make it, edit it and get it to theaters before they started work on the Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard-starring action flick. Now with "Hellraiser" on the horizon, they said they wouldn't get a chance to start on it until after that remake was finished.

"Patrick and I had come up with sort of an idea and we went opening day to go see 'Halloween 2,' and we went out of there with an idea of how to continue it," Farmer said. "Hopefully if everything works out after 'Hellraiser' we'll go right in to 'Halloween.'"

This will be the first time Rob Zombie has given up the reins on his "Halloween" reboot series, since he wrote and directed the previous two flicks. Farmer said that his and Lussier's plan is to stay true to John Carpenter's original vision while keeping in line with Zombie's previous two movies.

"'Halloween' is one of the movies that made us what we are today. Without cheating and with what [was] created in Zombie's, we'd continue the story and do so in a way that sort of brings us back to the tone of Carpenter that we started with," he said.

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