'Harry Potter': Rupert Grint Talks Ron Weasley's Evolution And The Battle Of Hogwarts

It all ends on July 15, but hey, that's still almost two full months away — plenty of time to get good and full on your daily dose of "Harry Potter" news.

Today comes a brand new interview with none other than Ron Weasley himself, actor Rupert Grint, who spoke with Empire Magazine about his work on the "Harry Potter" saga, particularly the upcoming "Deathly Hallows" conclusion. Watching Rupert's on-screen transformation over the years has been fascinating for audiences, and it's no less interesting for the actor himself, who excitedly observed his character's evolution over the course of J.K. Rowling's epic novel series.

"In previous films Ron was usually quite scared all the time, that was always kind of him, but it was great to see that there was a lot more heavy emotion," he explained. "Because he really falls in love, so there's all that story, and that really develops in Part Two particularly. And then there's the family stuff as well. There are some quite dark things that I never really got before with Ron."

Rupert says he's gotten so close with the character of Ron that he almost feels like they've become one and the same: "It's all kind of embedded in me; we've almost become the same person over the years, sort of merged into this Ron-pert. Even now."

Given that, it's understandable that Rupert went through no small range of emotions during the final stages of shooting "Deathly Hallows," particularly during the havoc that's wreaked throughout the bloody Battle of Hogwarts.

"It really nailed that down, that this was the end," Grint said of shooting the final battle scenes located in Hogwarts. "Seeing the Great Hall... The place had become quite a familiar one in our lives; we'd spent a lot of time there. And now it's on fire. There are dead bodies, dead children everywhere. It's really dark."

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