Armie Hammer Talks Up His 'Snow White' Prince, Says We Won't See 'Lone Ranger' For Two Years

Ever since he graced the screen with his chiseled good looks and cocky swagger in "The Social Network," Armie Hammer has become quite a hot Hollywood commodity - and deservedly so. Who doesn't love his "I'm 6'5," 220 pounds and there are two of me" line?

The sudden superstar has three buzzworthy projects on his docket: "J. Edgar," Tarsem's "Snow White," and "The Lone Ranger," so when MTV News ran into him the other night at the Young Hollywood Awards, we asked him for some details about the newest roles: Prince Andrew Alcott and the the Lone Ranger.

The first question I asked was the most important: How dreamy is his Prince Charming?

"How dreamy is he? Dreeea-my," Hammer promised. "Let's just say they're going to have to change the rating," he joked, before getting serious to talk about the reason he signed onto the project: Director Tarsem Singh.

"[Tarsem] is one of the reasons I signed on to do this," Hammer revealed. "The idea of playing Prince Charming wasn't really exciting, it kind of sounds more nerdy than anything else, but then they're like, 'Tarsem's doing it,' and I'm like, 'Done. You want me to play a trash can? I'll do it to be in this movie.'" Hammer added that he's a big admirer of Tarsem's work, and joked that he'll be taking plenty of notes during filming.

Regarding his newest and titular role in "The Lone Ranger," Hammer was a little more tight-lipped. When I asked him what kind of swagger and accent his Ranger will have, he gave me a bit of a non-answer.

"Ah, well, you will see," he said. "In two years."

Two years? We have to wait that long to see Johnny Depp as Tonto?

"I don't know," he said. "This is new news to me. I found out about this Tuesday, like the same day it broke. I have no idea how anyone finds out these things, so it's new news to me and I'm still focused on 'Snow White,' but I'm looking forward to focusing on that when we're done."

Hammer went on to say that he did go through an audition process for the role, where he read with Depp for director Gore Verbinski.

"I met with Gore Verbinski and read with [Depp]," he said. "It was great."

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