'The Muppets' Trailer Makes Us 'Green With Envy'

The first trailer for "The Muppets" has finally arrived, and... well, it isn't exactly what we were expecting, but in a fascinating way.

Disney has clearly taken a different approach than usual to marketing "The Muppets." The just released trailer actually spends most of its time setting up the movie within "The Muppets," called "Green With Envy." But don't worry, Kermit and the gang aren't far behind!

Based on what we know about the plot of "The Muppets," the whole set up where Jason Segel forgets his anniversary with Amy Adams seems to be only a trick for unsuspecting moviegoers, but we could be mistaken. Snippets from that sequence, like Segel and Adams performing in the big dance sequence and the two of them coming to Los Angeles, seem like they don't actually belong to the storyline the trailer is suggesting.

But quickly we realize this is all a ruse. "Wait, wait, wait, stop. Are there Muppets in this movie?" Segel asks after the narrator introduces Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. "Oh, yup, yup," Kermit responds. And thank goodness for that!

Unfortunately there's one Muppet who we're only barely introduced to in the trailer: Walter. He is one of the key characters in the story, judging by the synopsis we've read, and helps to send the movie on its crazy Muppets journey. Maybe the next trailer will focus a bit more on the actual plot on the film, now that this one has set up that "The Muppets" will do its best to tear down the fourth wall repeatedly.

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