'Army Of Darkness' Gets A Video Game And 50 Cent Joins 'Odd Thomas' In This Week's Horror Bites

50 CentOddballs and weirdos populate this week's Horror Bites. Some are living large (1,200 pounds to be exact), and others are blind as a bat, but Bruce Campbell (and his chin) remains horror's eternal hero and keeps things light with a new game to play.

50 Cent takes on Satan in a new based-on-the-book movie. The rapper/actor plays a blind DJ and will be starring alongside upcoming "Fright Night" actor Anton Yelchin for this tale originally penned by Dean Koontz.

An actor from "Robot Chicken" is gaining several hundred pounds for a role in David Arquette's "Glutton," which sounds like shades of David Fincher's creepy "Se7en." A family moves into a haunted house thanks to a "hauntrepreneur's" recommendation. Meanwhile, Freddy Krueger will be howling alongside strippers in a new movie that wins the award for most obvious film title ever.

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"Army of Darkness" Gets a Game

Primitive screwheads who drool for the 1992 cult classic "Army of Darkness" can pick up "Army of Darkness: Defense" – a castle defense game that lets you play the role of the film's snarky hero, Ash. The game "takes place during the pivotal castle scene within the movie where Ash and his allies defend the powerful Necronomicon within Lord Arthur’s fortress from the onslaught of Deadites (living dead)." So far reviews have been really positive. You can pick up a copy of the game in the App Store for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

50 Cent Goes Blind

In news not to be confused with anything regarding Odd Future (love!), Dean Koontz's novel, "Odd Thomas" – about a 20-something short order cook who can talk to dead people and see demonic things – is being made into a movie. Anton Yelchin will star as the clairvoyant who will battle dark forces, and now rapper 50 Cent has signed on play a blind DJ who helps him uncover the "Satanic plot."

Abraham Benrubi Will Weigh 1,200-Pounds for "Glutton"

David Arquette is directing "Glutton" about a 1,200-pound man who is bed-ridden, but forced to move so he can save his sister who has been taken hostage. The kidnapper also happens to be a surgeon who may or may not cut chunks of flesh off the man so he can get out of bed. Abraham Benrubi – who has appeared on "ER," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and "Robot Chicken" – will be donning the four fat suits necessary to play the obese protagonist. [Shock Till You Drop]

Freddy Krueger Plays an "Inkubus" and Hangs out With Strippers

Robert Englund (famous for his Freddy Krueger pizza face) will be taking on the role of a werewolf pack leader named Tapper in "Strippers vs. Werewolves." Sounds like a tough gig! If we need to explain what this film is about, then there's no hope for you. Englund's also starring in the supernatural thriller, "Inkubus," in which he plays a mysterious stranger who wreaks havoc on a Detective's life with some gory 666 action. [Blood Disgusting & Shock Till You Drop]

"The Hauntrepreneur" is Not a Gaga-esque Stunt

Platinum Dunes may be tackling a haunted family horror flick that has some "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" undertones. The production outfit wants to nab a script by Scott Rosenberg about a family that has difficulty in their new town, so they hire a "hauntrepreneur" to help them adjust. His way of fixing things? Create a haunted house filled with oddball characters to bring the family closer together. [Dread Central]

The "Scream" Series Will Continue

We spoke to Harvey Weinstein about the "Scream" franchise, and he's confident that director Wes Craven will return for another sequel. "We'll probably do $110 million," Weinstein said of the film's overseas total. Check out our video interview over here.

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