Lars Von Trier's Nazi Comments, Jennifer Lawrence's 'Hunger Games' Photo In Today's Twitter-Wood

Lars von TierLars von Trier has caused quite the stir over controversial comments he made at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. He's been condemned by Cannes officials and now he's getting similar abuse from film industry peers on Twitter, with a heaping amount of tongue-in-cheek jabs coming from Eli Roth.

In more pleasant news, the world got its first look at Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games" yesterday, and one of her co-stars — Elizabeth Banks, who plays Effie Trinket — was especially blown away by Lawrence's new look.

I'm @roundhoward and there's all that and more in today's Twitter-Wood for May 19, 2011.

Lars Von Trier, Part 1: @sutterink Dear Lars Von Trier, we appreciate your honesty, but FYI, "i'm a nazi and i'm proud"... still too soon.

-Kurt Sutter, writer ("Sons of Anarchy")

Lars Von Trier, Part 2: @ebertchicago If Kirsten Dunst's looks could kill, Lars von Trier would now resting in the Cannes mortuary.

-Roger Ebert, film critic ("At the Movies")

Lars Von Trier, Part 3: @eliroth I feel like Lars Von Trier's the Billy Mitchell of Cannes. Malick's the Wiebe. #KingofCannes

-Eli Roth, director ("Hostel")

Lars Von Trier, Part 4: @eliroth I'm starting to think the Stieg Larsson books were based on Lars Von Trier.

-Eli Roth, director ("Hostel")

Lars Von Trier, Part 5: @eliroth I had a feeling Von Trier called himself a Nazi to get people talking about him. Then again, so did Hitler.

-Eli Roth, director ("Hostel")

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen: @ElizabethBanks Jennifer as KATNISS looking good, real good. @EW is all over HG! #hungergames

-Elizabeth Banks, actor ("The Hunger Games")

More Schwarzenegger Fallout, Part 1: @AlbertBrooks Just applied for nanny job at Schwarzenegger house. Gave Strauss-Kahn as reference.

-Albert Brooks, actor ("Finding Nemo")

More Schwarzenegger Fallout, Part 2: @denisleary Every Schwarzenegger joke I think of ends with the phrase "Kindergarten C***."

-Denis Leary, actor ("Rescue Me")

More Schwarzenegger Fallout, Part 3: @DamonLindelof "Remembah when I told you that I would not use my position as youah employah to coerce you into unprotected sex?" "... Yes?" "I lied."

-Damon Lindelof, writer ("Lost")

Two and a Half Bin Ladens: @SethMacFarlane Ironically, Al Qaeda was about to ask Ashton Kutcher to step in as their replacement, too.

-Seth MacFarlane, writer ("Family Guy")

Seth MacFarlane's "Flinstones" Reboot: @BrianLynch I wanna know if @SethMacFarlane 's FLINTSTONES will have funny cutaways to FAMILY GUY.

-Brian Lynch, writer ("Hop")

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