John C. Reilly Is Currently Writing The 'Step Brothers' Album And Working On Sequel Ideas

Welcome back to Brennan Huff and Dale Doback: the wonderfully awkward man-children at the heart of "Step Brothers" are poised for a comeback. MTV News spoke with John C. Reilly at the Cannes Film Festival last week where he was promoting the emotionally devastating "We Need to Talk About Kevin," and he confirmed that there is indeed chatter about "Step Brothers 2," though he doesn't want to rush the process. "No one likes a lame sequel," he said.

And what better way to get back into the Prestige Worldwide groove than a full-on Huff 'N Doback rap album?

Reilly revealed that he's in the process of writing the "Step Brothers" album that director Adam McKay teased earlier this month, saying: "We have not recorded the album yet, but we've begun to write it … Hopefully we're going to come [back to Cannes] and premiere the record on a boat, on a yacht."

Pretty sure he's kidding about that last part. (But for what it's worth, we'd totally be down with a "Step Brothers" themed boat party in France. Just saying.) What he's not kidding about is his enthusiasm for "Step Brothers," saying that this record could serve as a stepping stone towards a sequel.

"That was the idea for the album," he said. "Let's get the band back together. We'll do this record, and that'll be a way to start talking about the movie again."

So, what's on tap for the sequel, if it ever comes to pass? Reilly's lips are sealed, though he knows how important it is to get the movie right: "That movie is so beloved by us and also people young and old, honestly. There's such a strong connection to that ridiculous movie. We want to really make sure it's the rocket sauce on the second time out. We've come up with some pretty good ideas, so we'll see."

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