'Zookeeper' Trailer Starring Kevin James Hits And Tim Burton Leaves 'Maleficent' In Today's Dailies

Kevin James got love advice from Will Smith in "Hitch," and that worked out pretty well for the guy. Let's see how he does when lions and gorillas are the ones playing matchmaker.

Yahoo Movies has premiered the full-length trailer for "Zookeeper," the former "King of Queens" comedian's latest movie. James stars as a zookeeper who contemplates leaving his job to pursue a more socially accepted path and, hopefully as a result, the girl of his dreams. But when the zoo's animals reveal that they can talk, they implore their favorite zookeeper to stay exactly where he is — and better still, they'll help him win his dream girl.

Check out the rest of today's news after the jump, including an early look at "Super 8" and Tim Burton's departure from "Maleficent."

"Super 8" Footage

Two new clips from "Super 8" have arrived online courtesy of Moviefone, once again bringing viewers back to the now infamous train wreck — except this time, you'll have a much more detailed look at how these deadly events transpire.

Burton Loses "Maleficent"

Tim Burton, currently hard at work on "Dark Shadows," has parted ways with "Maleficent," Disney's planned examination of the classic "Sleeping Beauty" villainess that would have teamed him with Angelina Jolie. Heat Vision cites "Harry Potter" director David Yates as a possible replacement.

Disney Gets "Seal Team Six"

Speaking of Disney, the company has made an unexpected move in trademarking the term "Seal Team Six," Collider reports. Seal Team Six, of course, is the name of the team that killed Osama bin Laden earlier this month. A film based on their efforts, called "Kill bin Laden," is currently in the works.

Keep Climbing That "Tower"

Looks like Ron Howard's attempt to climb "The Dark Tower" hasn't been thwarted, just delayed. Deadline reports that Universal has pushed the start of filming from September to February of next year as they attempt to reduce the project's budget.

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