Exclusive 'Louder Than A Bomb' Clip Shows Off Nate's Neighborhood

Who ever said that poetry and basketball don't mix? Nate, one of the central figures in the upcoming documentary "Louder Than A Bomb," certainly doesn't think so. Granted, he wasn't able to pursue both his hoop and penned dreams, but he was able to combine those two passions for one of his poems.

MTV News has an exclusive clip from the doc, which has been making its rounds around film festivals in the United States, that tells a bit about Nate's story. Click on after the jump for more information about the documentary and about Nate's clip.

The Louder Than A Bomb poetry slam competition takes place every year in Chicago, and emphasizes team-based performances instead of the typical single player set-up. This documentary chose to follow four of those teams as they prepared for the competition. One of those players is Nate, who we meet in our clip.

Nate isn't from the best part of Chicago -- as he says, he's from just about as far south in the city as you can go -- and as he describes his experiences he's had in the park across from his house, it's clear that his is a story worth listening to.

Even though he wasn't able to pursue his basketball dreams, Nate showed in his performance from a previous year's Louder Than A Bomb that he was able to combine those desires with his skills as a poet to keep them both passions close to his heart. His slam was about his love for Lebron James, and it was powerful enough to potentially bring his team to the top in their return to the competition.

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