Johnny Depp Confirms '21 Jump Street' Cameo, Had 'A Really Fun' Time With Jonah Hill And Channing Tatum

Don't tell us we're not working overtime to make your dreams come true, folks. The MTV News crew has long been leading the effort to make a Johnny Depp cameo in "21 Jump Street" happen. And now, after several back-and-forths with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star and current "Jump Street" champion Jonah Hill, it's finally happened. Tom Hanson (or someone who looks startlingly like him) is back, baby!

So, how did the cameo heard 'round the world actually come into place? As it turns out, we really might have had a hand in it! Depp, who's currently promoting this week's release of "On Stranger Tides," sat down for a chat with us recently and revealed that he'd been hoping for a "Jump Street" cameo ever since he first found out about the reboot in that fateful interview over a year ago.

"I was sort of invited into that indirectly," he explained. "It was during an interview like a year and a half ago — somebody mentioned it and I hadn't heard anything about it, and I thought, 'Well, sure, if they asked me, I'd love to do it!' But nobody ever really approached me."

But that changed a few weeks ago when someone formally extended the offer to Depp's camp, bringing the one-time "Jump Street" actor back to the streets that made him in the first place.

"It all got sorted out," he said. "I went and did my bit as I was hoping to, and it worked out really well. It was really fun. I got to spend some time with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum and the wonderful directors [Phil Lord and Chris Miller] on that. It was a great experience."

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