'Kung Fu Panda' Co-Stars Jack Black And Angelina Jolie Ponder Their Inevitable Live-Action Team-Up

It feels somewhat off to call "Kung Fu Panda 2's" Jack Black and Angelina Jolie co-stars. Their animated characters Po and Tigress spend on-screen time together, but Black and Jolie solely worked off-screen, lending their voices to the upcoming sequel of their wildly successful 2008 flick.

But that doesn't mean moviegoers may never get to see them on film together someday. MTV News caught up with the stars at the Cannes Film Festival's "Kung Fu Panda 2" premiere, and they discussed the possibility of working together on a live-action movie at some point down the line.

"We haven't really talked about it, even in a joking way," Black admitted, "We haven't talked [about] it in any type of way." But things soon got rolling when Jolie chimed in about the idea of working with Black again in a different capacity: "I would love to."

"Well, that benefits me, let's talk about this," the funny man said, who then looked over at Jolie and pondered, "What project could we do together?" It didn't take long for Black to get inspired for an idea for he and the beautiful Oscar-winner as he recalled the 1955 comedy "Artists & Models."

Black explained, "Jerry Lewis did a really funny movie with Shirley MacLaine and she was a hot number and he was just a clown and I thought, 'That could work for us, too.' 'Hot Number and the Clown,' that's the title!"

It shouldn't take long for studios to come calling for "Hot Number and the Clown," or any other Black-Jolie movie for that matter, as it's already Jolie-approved. After Black came up with his idea for their next feature together, the stunning actress told MTV: "Sounds good... I'd love to do something with Jack."

Would you see a live-action movie with Jack Black and Angelina Jolie? Would you prefer it to be a comedy like "Kung Fu Panda"? Let us know in the comments section below and on Twitter!