Donald Trump Won't Run For President And 'Bridesmaids' Hits Big In Today's Twitter-Wood

Donald TrumpStop the presses — turns out that "Celebrity Apprentice" host Donald Trump isn't running for president after all. The news was announced during the NBC up front presentation today, prompting a flurry of reactions from the celebrity-driven space of Twitter-Wood.

In unrelated news, "Bridesmaids" was a hit at the box office this weekend, crushing any doubts that Kristen Wiig's latest comedy couldn't achieve commercial success. It's a critical darling, too, with glowing reviews pouring in from all across the blogosphere.

I'm @roundhoward and this is Twitter-Wood for May 16, 2011.

Trump Won't Run, Part 1: @rainnwilson Trump just announced he's not running at NBC upfronts. U just got your cutting edge news flash from @rainnwilson on twitter. Sad.

-Rainn Wilson, actor ("Super")

Trump Won't Run, Part 2: @sethmeyers21 Trump announced he's not running for Pres. Everyone chanting, "No one thought you would!"

-Seth Meyers, comedian ("Saturday Night Live")

Trump Won't Run, Part 3: @KatzMoney Donald Trump isn't running. You mean this was all a big publicity stunt? I'm shocked.....shocked.....

-Jeff Katz, producer ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine")

Trump Won't Run, Part 4: @ManMadeMoon Trump's announced he's not running for president? What am I supposed to do with all these toupe jokes I've collected!?

-Duncan Jones, director ("Source Code")

"Bridesmaids" Reax, Part 1: @kyle_newman Loved BRIDESMAIDS! effin' hysterical!!! Congrats to @BigBoyler - superstar!

-Kyle Newman, director ("Fanboys")

"Bridesmaids" Reax, Part 2: @daxshepard1 Bridesmaids was hysterical. I hope this movie is a huge hit.

-Dax Shepard, actor ("Baby Mama")

"Bridesmaids" Reax, Part 3: @jonhurwitz Saw and loved Bridesmaids. Highly recommend. And that @paulfeig has great taste in closing numbers.

-Jon Hurwitz, director ("American Reunion")

"Bridesmaids" Reax, Part 4: @BrianLynch Wanna watch BRIDESMAIDS again. Awesome writing, directing + great performances across the board.

-Brian Lynch, writer ("Hop")

"Bridesmaids" Reax, Part 5: @mrskutcher Melissa McCarthy is my new absolute favorite check her out in Bridesmaids the highlight!

-Demi Moore, actor ("Ghost")

Animated "Star Trek" Hopes, Part 1: @TrekMovie Hey @boborci why dont you and Alex work with Paramount & CBS to get a new Star Trek animated series onto Hub?, leading "Star Trek" news site

Animated "Star Trek" Hopes, Part 2: @boborci @TrekMovie weve actually talked about it. Lets see!

-Roberto Orci, writer ("Star Trek")

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