Angelina Jolie Talks David Fincher On 'Cleopatra' And Her Planned Churchill And Roosevelt Biopic

A lot of directors have been named in connection with the Angelina Jolie-starring "Cleopatra," from "Bourne" mastermind Paul Greengrass to "Avatar" visionary James Cameron. Neither of those guys ended up behind the camera, leaving the door open at the moment.

But perhaps the door is closing with the arrival of David Fincher, the Oscar-nominated director of "The Social Network" and the upcoming American adaptation of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Fincher's name was first mentioned for "Cleopatra" in late March, and while his participation remains unconfirmed, Angelina herself told MTV News that she's definitely talked with the "Fight Club" filmmaker about the possibility of bringing ancient Egypt to life.

"It's all very early," she cautioned us, adding, "Fincher's been an old friend, so we've always been looking for something to do [together]."

"Cleopatra" isn't the only project on Jolie's upcoming slate, of course. Her directorial debut "In the Land of Blood and Honey" is headed to theaters in late December, and there's talk that she might step back behind the camera for a film about the relationship between Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt, with Anthony Hopkins playing the British icon.

"Right now, I'm just producing it," she clarified. "I just want to see it get done."

For now, not only does the untitled Churchill and Roosevelt film not have a director, it also doesn't have a Roosevelt. When we asked Jolie if she had anybody locked in or in mind for the part just yet, she answered with a simple "no." Hollywood talent agents, that's your cue!

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