'Friday the 13th': Five Thrilling Reasons We'll Never Forget The Jason Voorhees Slasher Series

Friday the 13thToday's your unlucky day, and we want you to celebrate the occasion with us by checking out five of the most memorable moments in "Friday the 13th" history. The classic slasher series that stalked camp counselors and horny teenagers into the woods is synonymous with today's legendary date. The series' baddie, Jason Voorhees, has sliced and diced his way through the camp grounds of Crystal Lake, New York City, and even space to seek revenge against the neglectful camp counselors who made out while he drowned.

Whether you're superstitious, a horror junkie, or find yourself inexplicably drawn to a mute man-child wearing a hockey mask, here are a few things we love to wax nostalgic about "Friday the 13th."

Crazy Ralph

One of "Friday the 13th's" best characters met his maker in part two of the series, which is a shame because Crazy Ralph was highly entertaining. Actor Walt Gorney rode around on a tiny bicycle shouting about God, doom, and gloom – warning all the Crystal Lake campers about a death curse. Total downer. While Ralph's unintentionally hilarious and comes across as a real nutter, he turns out to be right. The spirt of Ralph was resurrected in the form of a loony, drunk guy in part six, but … they killed him too.

David Cronenberg in "Jason X"

Jason ends up going to space for the tenth installment in the series, and legendary horror filmmaker David Cronenberg makes an appearance as Dr. Wimmer – the scientist who tries to swipe his body and turn him into a lab rat. Of course, Wimmer gets killed by Jason who breaks free and slaughters everyone around him. It's a short, but sweet cameo, and kind of a cool connection to the director's 1987 "Friday the 13th: The Series" episode.

Crispin Glover Dances

Crispin Glover in "Friday the 13th?" Seems odd right? But the actor makes the part his own, when he plays Jimmy "Jimbo" Mortimer – the guy who takes a corkscrew to the hand and a meat cleaver to the face. Jimbo commits one of the cardinal sins of slasher cinema – he has sex with one of the twin sisters in the film. Before he dies though, he has time for a seriously dorky and spazzy dance which is one of the most hysterical and memorable things about the entire "F13" series.

Awesome Sleeping Bag Kill

Part seven also has a hilarious moment, although this one's pretty morbid. When Jason slashes his way into a tent to kill off Judy, she crawls into her sleeping bag absolutely terrified. Jason drags her out of the tent, still bundled inside the bag and swings her body into a tree, which immediately silences her screaming. [Editor's Note: Alison, that's kind of twisted... and awesome!]

Sex, Sex, and more Sex

The entire "Friday the 13th" series features enough nudity and naughty shenanigans to swing an axe at. Blood and bare bodies seem to go together perfectly, and Jason's made a career out of killing drunk teens who just want to get high and have fun. Like Jimbo learned in part four of the slasher opus, you can't have sex and survive, and "Friday the 13th" – along with "Halloween" – was the movie that started this golden and gory rule.

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