'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon': Is Michael Bay Bringing Back The Twins? [UPDATED]

TransformersUPDATE: Paramount has reached out to us and confirmed that The Twins are NOT in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." No Skids, no Mudflap, no problem. Our original report is below.

You thought you were safe. You thought it was over. You thought they were gone. But you were wrong.

Well… maybe.

Multiple reports are surfacing online that despite Michael Bay's statements to the contrary, "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" will indeed feature the two most controversial characters from the critically-ravaged "Revenge of the Fallen." I'm talking, of course, about Skids and Mudflap, better known as the Twins.

Some new photos that are allegedly from the set of "Dark of the Moon" have surfaced online, seemingly depicting an upgraded version of Mudflap and Skids. Ironically enough, these new photos first appeared just a few short hours after Bay himself took to his website and definitively declared: "The Twins are not back in T3."

So, what gives? Are these really the Twins we're looking at? Are they different Autobots, just colored similarly? Maybe they aren't from "Transformers" at all? I reached out to representatives at Paramount to dig a little deeper, and was told that the studio won't confirm or deny the involvement of any characters who don't appear in trailers or TV spots. Alas, no leads there.

But for whatever it's worth, this isn't the only time Bay has said that the Twins aren't returning in "Dark of the Moon." MTV News staff writer Kara Warner attended an event for the film just last month, and Bay told her quite definitively: "They're not even in it. Not even in it."

We probably won't know for sure about the future of Mudflap and Skids until "Dark of the Moon" arrives in July, but if they are in the film, I have to echo what most fans are requesting: a swift and brutal death sequence.

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