'Game Of Thrones' Recap: Episode 5, 'The Wolf And The Lion'

Game of ThronesEpisode Title: "The Wolf and the Lion"

Story: The Hand's Tourney is underway with a showdown between The Mountain, Ser Gregor Clegane, and the Knight of Flowers, Ser Loras. Ned remains distracted by the conspiracy surrounding Jon Arryn's death, and Varys the Spider reveals a poisonous detail — but this new information doesn't help Ned's cause any more than his quest for the king's bastards. Worse still, based on what Arya overhears while chasing cats, Ned's time as the King's Hand is running out.

Meanwhile, Catelyn continues her journey with Tyrion up to the Eyrie to present him to her sister, Lysa, but the reunion does not go quite as she expected. And when word of Tyrion's kidnapping reaches King's Landing, the Imp's brother Jaime reacts very, very poorly.

The Tourney Continues

Ned determines that Jon Arryn's squire, who was killed by Ser Gregor in the previous episode, was probably put up against the Mountain intentionally to stop Ned's search for the truth. Then Robert decides he wants to join the jousting, but unfortunately for him (and his squire Lancel Lannister) he's a bit too fat for his armor. Not that anyone in the jousting match would unseat the king anyways. The next showdown is between Ser Loras, the Knight of Flowers, and The Mountain, and surprisingly enough Loras wins. He might have manipulated the odds by using a mare in heat to make The Mountain's stallion frisky, but that certainly didn't mean that Gregor needed to chop his horse's head off in his fury! At least it gave us a look at the Mountain's terrifying side and his relationship with his brother, Sandor.

The Road To The Eyrie

While Catelyn tries to bring Tyrion up to her sister's home in the Eyrie, she and her band of merry travelers end up being set upon by some wild folk who live in the woods. She cuts Tyrion free of his bonds so he can defend himself, and he gains a friend in the form of Bronn the mercenary. Lysa Arryn isn't especially happy to see Tyrion when Catelyn brings him to her, and Catelyn is a bit terrified by the mental state she finds her sister and nephew in. Tyrion ends up being banished to the terrifying jail cells of the Eyrie.

The Spider Weaves His Web

Varys the Spider finally speaks to Ned and gives him some more information about Jon Arryn's death. Turns out it was the Tears of Lys, a tasteless poison, that killed the former King's Hand. Varys doesn't know who delivered the poison, but posits that it might have been Jon's now-dead squire.

Chasing Cats

Arya, still hard at work with her dance lessons, stumbles upon a conversation she shouldn't have heard among the old dragon skulls from the Targaryen reign. The game of thrones grows increasingly more complex as we see Illyrio and Varys working together, talking about potentially killing Ned to make more time for Dany and Viserys to return to Westeros. Arya tells her father what she heard, but the news that Catelyn has kidnapped the queen's brother, Tyrion, commands Ned's attention.

Playing Both Sides

King Robert decides that someone must kill Dany and her unborn son, though Ned has his misgivings. Varys has been getting his information from Dany's only friend with the Dothraki, Jorah Mormont, though she does not know he is an informer for the Usurper yet. Ned can't deal with Robert making these decisions and decides to give up his position as Hand of the King. That means he doesn't have the King's protection when Jaime Lannister confronts him in the streets of King's Landing and kills all of his men in retribution for Tyrion's kidnapping.

Dark Wings, Dark Words

"Why, because I'm king? I want to hit somebody!"

-King Robert getting angry about not being able to joust.

Winter Looms Closer

We return to Daenerys' storyline next week, and her struggles with Viserys and his demanding his promised crown come to the forefront. Meanwhile back at Winterfell, Bran gets attacked by some wildlings in the woods. Tyrion has his trial up at the Eyrie, while Robert goes on a long boar hunt with his brother and squire that proves quite deadly indeed...

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