Cannes 2011: How Angelina Jolie Transformed Herself For 'Kung Fu Panda 2'

There's a lot of pressure on Tigress, the team leader of the Furious Five in the "Kung Fu Panda" series. She's smart, she's cunning, she's much more than capable — but she's not the chosen one, despite all of the strengths she's cultivated since childhood. No, that's an honor bestowed upon an overweight bear without a clue in the world. Pretty fair, right?

Similarly, there was some pressure on superstar Angelina Jolie as she prepared to dive into the role of Tigress for the first time. We spoke with the actress at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in France this week, and she revealed that she explored a wide range of vocal techniques before nailing down her signature sound.

"I did, I did," Jolie told us. "I've never loved my own voice. Like most people, you hear your own voice and you think, 'Ugh.'"

Jolie hating her own voice? We've got a hard time believing that. Regardless, the actress said that she tried a vast assortment of dialects for Tigress, from southern belle to British bombshell.

"I came in and I was Mae West for a while," she recalled. "I was doing southern, I was doing British, I was doing any accent I could come up with."

In the end, just as it was for Po, the answer was within Jolie the entire time.

"Finally, they had to give me the talking-to that they'd analyzed my voice and they'd hired me and they were very fine with my [natural voice], 'So please just stop doing those horrible voices,'" she laughed.

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