'The Hobbit' Loses Saoirse Ronan, Matt Damon Finds His Directorial Debut In Today's Dailies

Despite rumors to the contrary, "Hanna" star Saoirse Ronan is not headed to Middle-Earth.

"It's probably not going to work out with 'The Hobbit,' unfortunately," Ronan told the Belfast Telegraph in a recent interview. "I would have been working for about a year on it and there were other projects that I was very interested in, but Pete and [his producer wife] Fran have been very good about it and very understanding."

Bummer to hear it, but we'll get our Saoirse fix soon enough when she gets in front of the camera for "The Host." In the meantime, let's focus on some happier Hollywood news. Past the jump, get the lowdown on Matt Damon's possible directorial debut and much more!

Damon's Spending Some "Father Daughter Time"

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has acquired Matthew Aldrich's spec "Father Daughter Time: A Tale of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses," about a man who goes on a three-state crime spree with his daughter. But wait, it gets better: apparently none other than Matt Damon is looking to not only star in the movie, but use it as his directing debut as well. Watch your back, Affleck!

"Tarzan" Gets Back on the Vine

Looking for a new "Tarzan" movie? How about two? Deadline reports that two possible movies centered on the jungle-bound hero are in the works at Warner, both being developed simultaneously so the studio has its options on which direction to pursue — or, in this case, swing.

Murphy Makes His "Retreat"

Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton and Jamie Bell starring in an isolation thriller wherein the world at large may or may not have succumbed to the apocalypse. Really, do you need to know more? Maybe you do — and in that case, head on over to Slash Film to check out a Cannes sales trailer for the upcoming "Retreat."

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