'Thor' Star Chris Hemsworth: Where He's Been And Where He's Going

"Thor" lands in theaters today, bringing movie fans one step closer towards next summer's superhero extravaganza, "The Avengers." That's not all that the new Marvel movie brings, however: it also boasts a thunderous star-making turn from Chris Hemsworth, who stars in the film as the hammer-wielding warrior.

This isn't the only place you've seen Hemsworth before, and it certainly won't be the last. After the jump, find out everything you need to know about the past, present and future of Chris Hemsworth's movie career.

"Star Trek"

Hemsworth stunned audiences in his brief but moving turn as George Kirk in J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek." As a Starfleet officer in way over his head, George sacrifices his own life so that his son, James, may live. It was this short but sweet appearance that gave onlookers early confidence in Hemsworth's ability to bring Thor to life.

"Red Dawn" & "Cabin in the Woods"

Before "Thor," Hemsworth headlined two buzz-worthy projects—a remake of "Red Dawn" and the horror film "The Cabin in the Woods" from Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard—but financial issues at MGM prevented either film from seeing the light of day. Thankfully, Lionsgate recently acquired "Cabin," and hopefully we'll hear more about "Red Dawn" before much longer.

"Snow White and the Huntsman"

Though nothing is confirmed, Chris Hemsworth is the latest name rumored to star opposite Kristen Stewart in "Snow White and the Huntsman." If he accepts the role, he'll play Snow's axe-wielding guardian who teaches her everything she needs to know about combat and survival. (Hint: don't eat apples from strange old people.)

"The Avengers"

If you walk away from "Thor" yearning for more from the thunder god, fear not — he's coming back, and soon. Hemsworth will reprise his most iconic role in next year's "Avengers," reteaming with "Cabin in the Woods" collaborator Whedon for the second time in his career, and sharing screen-time with an all-star cast including Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Chris Evans as Captain America.

"The Hunger Games"?

Okay, not really. His brother Liam scored the coveted role of Gale in the forthcoming "Hunger Games" adaptation, thanks in some small part to Chris himself, who helped him practice by playing heroine Katniss Everdeen. A few weeks ago, we had Chris reenact the moment. Check it out below—you'll never look at thunder gods the same way again.

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