'Thor' Support, 'Community' Paintball And Cinco De Mayo In Today's Twitter-Wood

ThorWhosoever holds this movie ticket, if he be worthy, shall see the power of "Thor." Moviegoers nationwide are getting ready for Marvel Studios' next big superhero endeavor, out in theaters today, and the fans lurking about Hollywood are coming out of the woodwork as well.

In other news, last night's episode of "Community" thrust the gang back into the middle of paintball warfare, though one "Lost" star is taking the game a bit too seriously. In case you missed the ep, one of the show's actresses has you covered. Plus, find out how some of your favorite stars partied down on Cinco de Mayo yesterday!

I'm @roundhoward and this is Twitter-Wood for May 6, 2011.

"Thor"-gasms, Part 1: @ThatKevinSmith Via @ToastedSchizo "Catching THOR this weekend?" A muscle-bear top like Thor? Safe to say I'll be catching Thor, yeah. TAKING him, really...

-Kevin Smith, director ("Clerks," "Red State")

"Thor"-gasms, Part 2: @ManMadeMoon Tights? Check. Big gold buttons? Check? Foil hammer? Check. Looks like I'm ready for midnight screening of Thor.

-Duncan Jones, director ("Moon," "Source Code")


-Kat Dennings, actor ("Thor," "The 40-Year-Old Virgin")

"Community" Spirit, Part 1: @alisonbrie RT @nbccommunity: “That was a game. This is paintball.” And this is last night’s full episode: http://ow.ly/4OG2D #NBCCommunity

-Alison Brie, actor ("Community," "Scream 4")

"Community" Spirit, Part 2: @BryanLynch COMMUNITY has become the perfect combo of SIMPSONS and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Anyone not watching the show is missing out.

-Bryan Lynch, writer ("Hop," "Puss in Boots")

Cinco de Mayo, Part 1: @OliviaWilde Oh for fun's sake. @Questlove kept us boogying and bowling at Brooklyn Bowl last night. I may have lost by 200 pts but I danced like a MF'er

-Olivia Wilde, actor ("Cowboys & Aliens," "Tron Legacy")

Cinco de Mayo, Part 2: @davidwain Celebrating Cinco De Mayo with tacos alone at a coffee shop in Burbank! The owner felt bad and gave me a free sangria. Gracias!

-David Wain, director ("Wet Hot American Summer," "Role Models")

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