'The Great Gatsby' Director Baz Luhrmann Still Isn't Sure About Shooting In 3-D

With the 10th anniversary of "Moulin Rouge" come and gone, director Baz Luhrmann has been teaming up to create a new film experience to capture the imagination of a generation: an adaptation of "The Great Gatsby."

MTV News caught up with the director last week and asked him about the project, which has had rumors of everything from leading actors to being filmed in 3-D. Luhrmann was hesitant to give too much away about the project, which he is still finalizing, but he is enthusiastic to begin the process of bringing the classic story to the screen.

"This is a perfectly structured novella and therefore a very good film is yet to be made that is exactly like the novella, to use the primary elements of the novella," he said. "So I thought, I really want to do this, and then took some time but finally bought the rights to it."

It was the way the story of Nick, Daisy and Gatsby resonates with audiences now as well as his love of the book that really drew Luhrmann to the project. "I feel the story of 'Gatsby' speaks so directly to what we have just gone through," he said.

The idea to adapt the novel came after he finished "Moulin Rouge" in the early 2000s and then was stuck on a long train ride through China. He only had two audiobooks with him, and one of them was "Gatsby," so he ended up listening to that. He described re-hearing the book as "an incredible experience" that convinced him the story just has not been told right on the big screen.

As to whether or not the movie will actually be shot in 3-D, though, Luhrmann was hesitant.

"First of all I'd have to say yes," he said. "I mean, it's something where if I was, I would love to talk about it. When I do, I want to have something to say. Right now, really clearly, I'm just bringing those pieces together."

Are you looking forward to Luhrmann's adaptation of "Gatsby"? Would you want to see it in 3-D? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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