'The Beaver' Star And Director Jodie Foster Cautions Against Occupying Two Jobs At Once

After release date changes and some other unrelated misfortunes, "The Beaver" is finally bowing in theaters (In NYC and LA today, elsewhere May 20). There is a lot to admire about this film, to be perfectly honest. The performances, the uniquely-crafted story of a man battling mental illness, and puppets. Also, Hollywood veteran Jodie Foster starred in and directed the film.

When MTV News caught up with Foster during the press day for "The Beaver," we asked her to walk us through the challenges of acting and directing at the same time.

"Acting and directing at the same time is a very bad idea, don’t do it at home. My first movie I acted and directed in [1994's tear-jerker 'Little Man Tate'] I remember saying to myself, 'Hmm, I’m not gonna do this again.' It’s – it’s tiring!" she admitted. "But at the same time, you do manage to get the performance you were hoping for. Sometimes you wish you had more choices because very often you don’t surprise yourself, you just bring to the table what you were anticipating and you don’t surprise yourself enough."

Foster went on to say that her star Mel Gibson, who acted in and directed the crazy epic and successful "Braveheart," understood and supported her the whole way.

"I knew when I cast Mel Gibson that he’s somebody that’s just unneurotic as an actor," she said. "I knew that he would be fine with me acting and directing and that he wouldn’t feel that that’s compromising in any way."

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