Jesse Eisenberg And Aziz Ansari Will Rob A Bank Or Blow Up Trying On The '30 Minutes Or Less' Set

What would you do if you were abducted by gorilla mask-wearing criminals, forced to strap a bomb to your chest and told to go rob a bank or else incur a terrible, fiery demise? If your name's Jesse Eisenberg, you'd go give your best pal Aziz Ansari a call.

MTV News visited the set of "30 Minutes or Less" late last year and got the inside scoop on everything you want to know about "Zombieland" director Ruben Fleischer's latest comedy. Eisenberg stars in the film as a pizza delivery guy who finds himself in the exact predicament outlined above, and he quickly realizes that getting out of such a situation is going to require some outside assistance — which is where Ansari comes in.

"We kind of have a falling out early on in the movie, but I'm forced to rob a bank, and so I go to my friend and plead for him to help me because I can't do it alone," Eisenberg revealed of the plot.

At the root of our two heroes' difficulties is a duo of criminals played by "Eastbound and Down" star Danny McBride and "Grandma's Boy" comedian Nick Swardson, who insist that while their characters are desperate, they're not bad guys.

"They're kind of simple dudes," explained Swardson. "They're not very learned. But they're not like robots. At the core, they are actually very nice people. They believe in friendship and things like that."

"They just want to be loved," added McBride, "whether it takes a bomb or a bank robbery to get there."

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