The New 'Pee-wee Herman' Movie Will Be Fun For The Whole Family, Says Judd Apatow

The 9-year-old in me has been excited about the Judd Apatow-produced Pee-wee Herman movie since it was formally announced last summer, but it's been a while since we've heard any news on Pee-wee's highly anticipated return to the big-screen, his first cinematic adventure since 1988's "Big Top Pee-wee."

Thanks to a delightful encounter with Apatow and buddy Paul Feig during the press day for their upcoming "Bridesmaids," (Apatow produced, Feig directed), I have gleaned the following new facts: the film is still happening, it will probably not be rated NC-17, and Feig wants to play the "King of something" in it.

"All the Pee-wee stuff is for a wide audience," Apatow said when asked if he's going for a more adult or broad audience-targeted film. "'Pee-wee's Big Adventure' was for a wide audience. [Paul Reubens] is about to hand in the draft and I'm very, very excited. I thought his HBO show was hysterical and there is nothing more fun in life than reading pages that Paul Reubens has written for Pee-wee Herman. It's just the treat of all time."

So are we talking a PG-13 rating? R?

"NC-17, I hear," Feig joked.

"No, the original movie is almost a PG, other than Large Marge, which was scary," he recalled. "It's really been for everybody."

I then asked if he's been getting lots of requests from friends wanting to be in the film.

"Yeah, it is one of those projects where every once in awhile you get an email, 'You know who'd like to be in it...'"

"I'm trying to be in it and he won't let me," Feig lamented.

"Yeah. You kind of would fit in that world," he said to Feig. "You're kind of a cartoon yourself."

"I'll be the King of something," Feig offered.

Regarding the start date for this new Pee-wee adventure, Apatow promised, "Soon."

"As soon as we can," he said. "We're going to get it in and see if everyone wants to roll."

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