Hugh Jackman Makes A 'Fantastic Voyage,' Rachel Weisz Bewitches 'Oz' In Today's Casting Call

Hugh JackmanDirector Shawn Levy wants to take a "Fantastic Voyage" with Hugh Jackman. Really, who doesn't?

Deadline reports that the director wants the actor to star in his James Cameron-produced 3D update of the 1966 sci-fi flick about a rescue mission into the body. Still, the modern take on "Fantastic Voyage," which Deadline says has become a "dramatic love story," doesn't have a green light yet. But if the film does get the go-ahead it would certainly give the star something to do while the kinks for "The Wolverine" get worked out.

Check out the rest of today's biggest casting news in Hollywood, including Rachel Weisz possibly bewitching "Oz: The Great and Powerful" and a set of "Bones" stars headed to the big screen.

Rachel Weisz: Great and Powerful

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar-winner Rachel Weisz could be heading for the dark side in Sam Raimi's unique "Wizard of Oz" interpretation, "Oz: The Great and Powerful." In it, Weisz, who is currently in negotiations, would play Evanora, a powerful, evil witch who is trying to rule the land while her sister Theodora (Mila Kunis) tries to lure her to the dark side. James Franco would play Oz, the man who crash lands into the witches' territory.

A Tale of Three 'Cities'

"Cities," an upcoming project about three intertwining stories about greed has two stars on board to help tell the cautionary tales. THR reports that Clive Owen will play a New York City hedge fund manager who continues to want more than he already has, while Anil Kapoor has been cast as a cop in Mumbai fighting against corruption. The third link in the plot, about a couple in London who want to buy a home, has not yet been cast. The production company is reportedly aiming for the movie to start filming in October.

'Rapture-Palooza' Finds Two More Survivors

Anna Kendrick and John Francis Daley ("Freaks and Geeks," "Bones") are about to make a hilarious post-apocalyptic world. According to THR the two stars are in talks to star in "Rapture-Palooza," the movie about a humorous take on life after the religious apocalypse. Kendrick and Daley would join Craig Robinson ("The Office"), who is also producing the comedy

"Officer" Booth

Daley's "Bones" co-star David Boreanaz will be taking on some seemingly less funnier circumstances when he stars in the indie crime drama "Officer Down." As reported by Deadline, Boreanaz has signed on to play a "humorless and ambitious" detective and rival to another detective (played by Stephen Dorff.) The two men are in the midst of tracking down a murderer whose life becomes more complicated when he and a doctor can see each others' days through their dreams.

"Total Recall" Scores a Sidekick

According to Variety, actor Bokeem Woodbine will play the best friend role in the reboot of "Total Recall." Woodbine ("Devil," "Ray") will star opposite Colin Farrell (who is stepping into Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic shoes) for the update of the 1990 action classic.

If "Fantastic Voyage" gets off the ground, would you, like Shawn Levy, like to see Hugh Jackman appear in it? Let us know in the comments section below and on Twitter!