'Pirates Of The Caribbean': Captain Jack Sparrow Makes A Daring Escape In First 'On Stranger Tides' Clip

If there's one thing we haven't forgotten, mates, it's that Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. But just in case you need a reminder of who this pesky pirate is and what he's capable of, he's more than happy to give you a show.

Yahoo premiered this first official clip from "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," sailing into theaters on May 20, just a few short weeks away now. It's been four years since Captain Jack last traveled through cinematic waters, but as you can see, he hasn't slowed down one bit.

The clip, nearly a full minute in length, features Jack's daring escape from the clutches of his royal captors. We already knew that the bumbling pirate would find himself imprisoned in London, but we had no idea how he'd set himself free — well, wonder no more, thanks to this clip.

Now, I've already seen a bit of backlash about Jack's escape attempt — he busts open a window only to ignore it complete and ride a curtain up towards a chandelier and over to a balcony. Unconventional? Yes. Outrageous? Absolutely. Half-witted? At best. But this is Captain Jack Sparrow we're talking about here. Since when has he been anything but unconventional, outrageous and half-witted?

Also, Disney scores bonus points for showing us Captain Barbossa in his newly reformed position within the British fleet. He's fancy enough in this clip, but something tells me that the previously undead privateer will be back to his old tricks before too long.

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