Larry David Torments 'The Three Stooges' And 'Hunger Games' Finds More Tributes In Today's Casting Call

Larry DavidHere's some casting news that is prettt-ay, prettt-ay, prettt-ay funny: Larry David, the king of uncomfortable comedy, will reportedly settle into a role in the Farrelly Brothers' upcoming take on "The Three Stooges." But it's not exactly what you'd expect (hint: he's not playing Larry!)

Deadline reports that the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" co-creator has signed on to play Mother Mengele, the nun who runs the orphanage where the stooges hail from. David, last seen on the big screen in 2009's "Whatever Works," joins Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, Jane Lynch and Chris Diamantopoulos for the Farrelly-directed comedy.

Check out the rest of today's biggest casting news out of Hollywood, including the casting for Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's latest endeavor.

A 'Bachelorette' Worth Watching

While the title of the upcoming Will Ferrell and Adam McKay produced comedy is tentative (for now, it's "Bachelorette"), the cast that is attached to star can make anything sound good. According to The Hollywood Reporter, in the flick Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan would play friends who are asked to be bridesmaids of a girl they tortured in high school, played by Casey Williams. Caplan would have a lot of high school drama to deal with, as her former crush--a role for her former "Party Down" partner Adam Scott--arrives with a beautiful, younger woman.

Anna Faris and 'The Dictator'

Deadline also reports that funny girl Anna Faris has been offered the lead female role opposite Sasha Baron Cohen in the Saddam Hussein-inspired comedy (yes, you read that correctly) "The Dictator." While the actress is still in negotiations, other stars such as Sir Ben Kingsley have signed on for the Larry Charles film.

Armie Hammer clocks in at '2:22'

Unlike the Winklevoss twins he played in "The Social Network," rising star Armie Hammer is far from getting the shaft. THR reports that the actor is attached to play the lead in a new psychological thriller called "2:22." The movie, which is set to sell at this year's Cannes Film Festival, follows an air traffic controller (played by Hammer) whose world is turned upside down when he narrowly avoids two planes colliding with one another. A series of mysterious circumstances then begin to unfold.

'Ted' Gets Hot For Supergirl

No stunt casting here: "Smallville" actress Laura Vandervoot has joined the cast of the comedy "Ted" as a woman who men fawn all over. Deadline reports that Vandervoot will play one of the co-workers of Mark Wahlberg, a guy who has a special relationship with his teddy bear. Mila Kunis and Joel McHale are among the stars also signed up for the Seth MacFarlane film.

'The Hunger Games' gets its District 6

Ashton Moio and Kara Petersen are preparing to be thrown into battle as they have joined the ever-expanding cast of "The Hunger Games." As our friends over at Hollywood Crush explained, the two relative unknowns will play the children from District 6 whose names are called during the Reaping and must compete in the dreaded Games.

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