'Looper' Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks About Playing Young Bruce Willis In The Time Travel Thriller

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of those actors who is becoming more and more appealing as time goes by. I'm not talking his looks - which, of course, are adorable, but more importantly his top notch career choices.

MTV News caught up with JGL this week to talk about his upcoming dramedy "Hesher," and we had to sneak in a few questions about his next project with "Brick" director Rian Johnson: "Looper," the time-travel thriller co-starring Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt

"[I'm] really really excited about 'Looper,'" Gordon-Levitt said. "I’ve never done anything at all like it, and I can’t wait for people to see it. It’s a sci-fi movie, it’s a time travel story, I get to act with Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, and it’s really good."

Speaking to his experience was working with Willis - both JGL and our "Die Hard" hero play the same man in different time periods - Gordon-Levitt lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Bruce is awesome, I’ve looked up to that guy ever since I was a little kid, everybody did," he said. "He’s such a good actor, we ran the gamut, some of the stuff we did was full on action, and then I’m like, 'Holy goddamn s---, I’m doing an action scene with Bruce Willis!' But then a lot of the stuff we did was like really, really smart, great Rian Johnson dialogue that makes me think of 'Pulp Fiction.'"

"I was so happy to work with Bruce, and he was so cool, so cool to meet, so cool to everybody, and it was a pleasure," he added.

We are talking about a sci-fi thriller here, so how much CGI can we expect?

"There’s not a lot of CG in the movie actually," Gordon-Levitt revealed. "Rian’s like, 'I don’t want any cartoons in my movie.'"

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