The Royal Wedding, 'Fast Five' Reviews And 'Bridesmaids' Praise In Today's Twitter-Wood

Fast FiveDespite all odds (and a few predictions on the Mayan Calendar), "Fast Five" is finally here! The fifth installment in the street racing franchise just opened and already broke the record for highest-grossing Universal picture with a midnight release. While the critics have given it mixed reviews, one star thinks it might be the next "Citizen Kane."

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated summer comedy "Bridesmaids" screened last night and the tweets are alive with commotion. We can't remember the last time an all-female comedy has gotten so much buzz but it's understandable when you get a load of the egregiously talented cast. Some well-respected actors and comedians were in the audience last night and somehow, someway, they got us even more excited.

And we've got some of the funniest things Hollywood tweeted about the beautiful wedding most Americans slept through.

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 29th, 2011.

Royal Wedding Pt 1: @ChrisKattan Re: Royal Wedding. "And now ladies and gentleman...Maroon 5!"

-Chris Kattan, Actor ("Saturday Night Live," "Corky Ramano")

Royal Wedding Pt 2: @SimonPegg That wasn't a slur by the way. I've become quiet the royalist since I met the Queen. She was lovely, old and exuded power. Like Super-Gran.

-Simon Pegg, Writer/Director ("Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz")

Royal Wedding Pt 3: @MichaelIanBlack Just saw the new Gary Marshall movie where a prince marries a commoner! Hilarious. SPOILER ALERT: Elton John cameo!!!

-Michael Ian Black, Actor ("The State," "Wet Hot American Summer")

@TimHeidecker Heard new Pirates of Caribbean movie is rated R (not like the "arrrr" joke. it's actually rated R)

-Tim Heidecker, Comedian ("Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job")

"Fast Five" Pt 1: @TheEllenShow I'm so excited for tomorrow! The royalty, the tiaras, the gowns. Opening day of "Fast Five" is gonna be amazing.

-Ellen Degeneres, Comedian ("The Ellen Show")

"Fast Five" Pt 2: @PaulScheer It's official, Fast 5 is the best movie ever made.

-Paul Scheer, Actor ("Human Giant," "30 Rock")

@ConanOBrien Will Ferrell is coming to try to shave off my beard on May 2nd. And NATO does nothing. #Beardpocalypse

-Conan O'Brien, Comedian ("Conan")

"Bridesmaids" Pt 1: @JGarlin I saw Bridesmaids tonight. Crazy funny. I don't want to cut down other studio movies to plug this. Just trust me. It's great.

-Jeff Garlin, Actor ("Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Toy Story 3")

"Bridesmaids" Pt 2: @AlYankovic Just got back from the "Bridesmaids" premiere. Great movie, INSANELY funny. Congrats @PaulFeig!

-Weird Al, Comedian ("Beat It")

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