The 'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' Trailer Is Here!

Good things come to those who wait. But sometimes, very good things come a little bit early.

Although it wasn't scheduled to arrived for another couple of hours, the official full-length trailer for Michael Bay's "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" has landed earlier than expected. Bay, returning for his third and potentially last time as the director of the "Transformers" franchise, promised a darker and grittier approach to this third outing than we've seen in previous films — and judging by the two-and-a-half minute trailer, he wasn't kidding.

We've got a ton of answers thanks to this new "Transformers" trailer. A lot more than I expected, actually. For one, it addresses my most lingering question — what the heck is that floating robot thing all about? — by showing the fortress' origins… which, it should come as no surprise, is the dark side of the moon. And the fortress isn't the only machine that hails from space, as we see a whole slew of menacing Transformers emerging from the lunar surface to bring their destructive power to bear upon the people of Earth.

Combine a healthy dose of devastating Transformers action with a score eerily reminiscent of "Inception," and it's pretty apparent that Bay is going for something different here. And Frances McDormand! In a "Transformers" movie! The very definition of surreal!

I've still got my reservations, but looking solely at the trailer, I'm a fan. Let's see if the final product measures up.

So, what say you? Are you a fan of the new "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" trailer? Are you sold on Bay's new, darker direction? Tell us what you think of the trailer in the comments section and on Twitter!