Summer Movie Preview Week: Five Flicks You Should Watch Right Now To Set The Summer Mood

JawsIf you often find yourself paging through the Netflix Watch Instantly selection like a zombie at 3 AM trying to find something to settle in with, let us be your guide.

Since it's the middle of MTV's Summer Movie Preview week, we wanted to help bring some sweaty summer love to your eyeballs – and all you have to do is hit the "play" button (you can romance us later). Here are five Netflix picks to check out online right now that will set the mood for a damn fine summer.


A great white shark spends his summer days attacking and killing the townspeople of Amity Island. He's pretty much the Honey Badger of all sea creatures. When the local police chief and his crew set sail to battle the bloodthirsty monster, things get intense, and the action keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. This is a classic summer standout that has scared audiences out of the water for decades. It's interesting to see what moviemakers got away with in 1975 – "Jaws" is rated PG, but does not skimp on the violent gore.

"The Fast and the Furious"

To get ready for "Fast Five," which hits theaters this Friday, go back to the beginning of the street racing action series with the movie that started it all. The eye candy in this movie is aplenty – and we're actually talking about the fast cars and ridiculous action sequences. Clearly with a name like Vin Diesel, he was born to make car movies fo' life.

"Dirty Dancing"

Baby joins her family for a summer vacation in the mountains, and ends up lusting after her dance teacher. She becomes his permanent partner for performances – after trudging through a few super awkward lessons – while trying to cope with a lot of family drama and the perils of becoming a young woman. There's a nifty ‘60s soundtrack that will get stuck in your head for days.

"Blue Crush"

Before Michelle Rodriguez was kicking ass in films like "Machete" and "Battle: Los Angeles," she was playing a surfer chick in this movie about a group of girls who share the dream of surfing Hawaii's legendary North Shore. There's a love story angle, great surf photography, and it's refreshing to watch a sports drama with womenfolk in it.

"Mega Piranha"

Ok, so we've got two movies with sea creatures on our list, but we find it hard to resist any film with the word "mega" in the title. Plus, Tiffany (see: the 1980s) stars as a freaking scientist (!) trying to hunt down obnoxiously large, mutant piranha who are snacking their way to Florida. It's a totally absurd and cheesy experience, but that's what makes it perfect for late night, summer viewing.

Do any of these summer movie picks float your boat? Let us know your favorite films on Netflix Instant that give good summer mojo in the comments section and on Twitter!