Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back For 'Terminator 5,' But How About Revisiting These Five Iconic Characters?

Terminatorby Matt Marquez

How do you follow up eight years as a U.S. governor? If you're Arnold Schwarzenegger, you go back to doing what you love –– being humanity's favorite killing machine.

That's right, the ex-Governator is returning to the "Terminator" role that helped make him a big action star and John Connor's number one buddy. Though Arnold's big screen comeback still doesn't have a script or a studio, "Fast Five" director Justin Lin has already called dibs on the project's driver's seat.

The Terminator would be a great action-packed role for Schwarzenegger to revisit –– and who doesn't want to see humanity saved from the machines again? –– but we humbly submit these other five roles for Arnold to consider revisiting in the meantime.

Dutch, "Predator"

If it's action Schwarzenegger wants then he'll get all that and more in a rematch with the dreadlocked alien warriors. At the end of 2010's "Predators," it looked like star Adrien Brody could use some help from an experienced Predator hunter. Mr. Governor, might that be your cue?

Harry Tasker, "True Lies"

Whether it's gunning down terrorists in a jet fighter or teaching dogs how to stay, Tasker is the consummate secret agent. And if panicked newspaper headlines are any indication, the world needs his special talents more than ever. Somebody call Jamie Lee Curtis and Eliza Dushku because the next Tasker mission could be one for the whole family.

Conan, "Conan the Barbarian"

The original Conan tales by Robert E. Howard follow the legendary warrior well into his later years, so we could totally see a film centered on an aged Conan as he fights off challengers to his crown. If the Jason Momoa reboot coming this summer does well, a future film might even bring past and present Conans together in a blood-splattery film that spans decades.

Douglas Quaid, "Total Recall"

If it weren't for the upcoming Colin Farrell remake, a return to Mars could be just the trip for Schwarzenegger to satisfy his taste for sci-fi espionage as construction worker/freedom fighter Douglas Quaid. With more than 20 years of special effects developments to draw upon since "Total Recall" first came out, a sequel could see Quaid take on more double agents and his own troubled mind during one final mission. And more tummy-bound mutants, please!

Detective John Kimble, "Kindergarten Cop"

You didn't think we'd leave out Det. Kimble, did you? There's something about seeing the big man trying and failing to tame little tykes that's hi-larious. If the former Governator decides to try his hand at comedy again, we're keeping our fingers crossed that this is the role he chooses.

Which roles would you like to see Ahhnold revisit? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!