'The Voice' Reactions, 'Fast Five' Reviews And Miley Cyrus Meets 'Thor' In Today's Twitter-Wood

Fast FiveAfter months of promotion (it felt like years), "The Voice" finally premiered last night to huge numbers. During the show, the twitter-verse exploded, and tweet-shrapnel came from every which way, including Hollywood.

Meanwhile, the opening of "Thor" mightily approaches, and actress/singer Miley Cyrus wants in. While she's not billed for the film, Miley posted her own addition to the superhero epic. We have a feeling it's not going to make the final cut, but hey, here's hoping. All this and "Fast Five" is already receiving rave reviews -- and one outlet just doesn't get it.

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 27th, 2011.

"The Voice" Review 1: @TomArnold Watching The Voice and that @adamlevine is a funny sweetheart, right?

-Tom Arnold, Actor ("True Lies")

"The Voice" Review 2: @PattonOswalt FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on TiVo instead of THE VOICE? #yes

-Patton Oswalt, Actor ("Ratatouille," "Big Fan")

"The Voice" Review 3: @YvetteNBrown Did @CeeLoGreen just say he can't promise that he won't show up to rehearsal in a Batman costume?! Oh how I LOVE #TheVoice!

-Yvette Nicole Brown, Actress ("Community")

@RottenTomatoes 79% for Fast Five! 94% for Thor! Strange things are afoot at the Rotten T.

-RottenTomatoes.com, Movie Review Aggregator

@hodgeman I regret I could not attend the Time 100 Gala last night, but I was busy being hung by my ankles on the set of BORED TO DEATH.

-John Hodgeman, Actor ("Bored to Death")

@AndyMilonakis I wish trending topics on twitter would be called "Hot Topics" and they would be typed in ghoulish goth fonts

-Andy Milonakis, Comedian ("The Andy Milonakis Show")

@DougBenson I'm flying to Buffalo tomorrow. I hope the plane doesn't have wild wings. #WorstTweetEver

-Doug Benson, ("Super High Me")

@SarahKSilverman Being a woman is like being in the slowest horror movie ever

-Sarah Silverman, Comedian ("The Sarah Silverman Show")

Over-Sharing TwitPic Of The Day: @JuddApatow Getting my entire back shaved for my appearance on Chelsea Lately. http://t.co/Tqk9yNj

-Judd Apatow, Director ("Superbad," "Knocked Up")

Tin Foil TwitPic Of The Day: @MileyCyrus In the spirit of Thor... introducing Super Fist! http://t.co/C1Wk8WV

-Miley Cyrus, Actress/Singer ("Hannah Montana")

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