'The Lord Of The Rings' Extended Editions March Into Theaters This Summer

So ExcitedGood news comes to those who wait, which is why we're glad we've waited oh so patiently for the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy to be rereleased in theaters. Look, even Gollum's excited!

The One Ring has the exciting scoop that AMC will screen all three director's cuts of the "Lord of the Rings" films over the course of three weeks in June. More news is on the way, they promise, but for now we know "Fellowship of the Ring" will start running on June 14, "The Two Towers" on June 21 and "The Return of the King" on June 28.

Most of us have watched the extended editions at home backwards and forwards many times since they've been released, but there are a couple of scenes in particular that we're really looking forward to seeing for the first time on the big screen. Check 'em out after the jump!

Gifts From Galadriel

These flashbacks were cut from the original theatrical version of "Fellowship of the Ring," but considering the time the Fellowship spent at Lothlórien featured some of the coolest and most visually stunning scenes in the film, we're glad to see this on the big screen. Plus Gimli and Galadriel have an adorable interchange that pulls at our heartstrings.

Old Man Willow

Yet another character to meet the Tom Bombadil chopping block in Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, Old Man Willow did not make it into the final cut of "The Two Towers." He does, however, have a scene in the extended version where he tried to kill Merry and Pippin, and Treebeard has to save them. It may sound lame, but it's pretty cool.

Boromir's Body Is Found

Faramir lost a lot of character development in the scenes cut from "Two Towers" and "Return of the King," but there's a great sequence in "Two Towers" where he finds his brother Boromir's body floating down the river. It triggers a series of flashbacks that greatly explains his strained relationship with both his father, Denethor, and his brother.

Saruman's Death

Sure, Peter Jackson has his reasons for cutting Saruman's death scene, but now we'll finally see both him and Wormtongue die on a big screen. Even if it does mean the scouring of the Shire will never ever happen in Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" universe.

Faramir And Eowyn

So much Faramir action in the extended "Lord of the Rings" trilogy! This great scene shows how his love affair with Eowyn began, which explains why she ends up being so happy Aragorn and Arwen get back together in the end.

Do you plan on going to these screenings? Which new scenes do you look forward to seeing? Tell us in the comments section or on Twitter!