Ryan Reynolds And Jason Bateman Swap Bodies In This Exclusive 'Change-Up' Photo

How many times have you caught yourself wishing that you could literally trade lives — bodies, even — with a close friend, someone who seems to have everything you could ever possibly imagine yourself wanting? Well, try and reduce that number to zero, if you can.

In "The Change-Up," Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds make the fateful mistake of wishing that they could spend a day in the other man's shoes. But these best pals bite off much more than they can chew when a freak twist of fate has them swapping bodies and, consequently, lives. The red-band trailer gave us some big and nasty clues about what to expect from the hard-R comedy when it hits this summer, and our exclusive photo below — part of MTV's Summer Movie Preview week — puts its finger on that notion's nose, so to speak. Take a look.